We appreciate that starting out as a new Migration Agent or Immigration Lawyer can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. Some cases may seem too complex and you may be unsure how to advise your clients or even where to start. We’re here to assist. Through continued support of Capstone Academy, we offer the following services to RMAs and Immigration Lawyers:

Private one on one tutoring (including deep dive into visa subclasses and other topics) 1 hour plus course materials ($350 plus GST) per lesson.


You should email your enquiry to [email protected] and outline the nature of your enquiry. Upon assessment, one of our mentors will confirm the service which you require based on complexity and will book a time with you. If you require advice within 12 hours there will be an additional charge for provision of this advice. See above for indicative pricing. We will advise you if we are able to deliver the advice within 12 hours before you make your booking. In terms of subsequent advisory services, a fee to expedite the service may be paid, however this should be discussed with one of the mentors directly.


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